A Victorian Web Quest

Welcome to the Victorian Web Quest!  In this assignment, you will peruse the web for detailed information about the Victorian Age.  Find the answers to the questions by clicking on the red links for each category.  Document the answers to the questions using Word.  Good luck and happy hunting!

First, check out this Victorian Timeline, noting any interesting happenings.

An Introduction
1.When was Queen Victoria born?
2.How did Prince Albert die?
3.When was Victoria declared Empress of India?
4.How much of the world did the British Empire cover?
5.Even though school was not entirely compulsory, why did most aristocratic men go?
6.What types of things comprised a woman’s education?
7.What kind of annual income could an unskilled laborer expect to make?
8.What three diseases were big killers in Victorian England? 
9.Describe the different “spheres” for men and women.

Queen Victoria
1.Where was Victoria born?
2.When did Victoria take the throne?
3.How many children did Victoria bear?
4.What was the Crystal Palace Exhibition?
5.How long after Albert’s death did Victoria remain in seclusion?
6.What was Victoria’s Golden Jubilee?

1.Which trades depended on semi-skilled or unskilled laborers? 
2.How many brothels were present in London in 1859?
3.What types of industries were centered in London?
4.What types of service industries were present in London? 
5.Where does the term “sweat-shop” come from?

1.How was University College different from Oxford?
2.Describe the conditions at the “ragged” schools. 

1.What types of sports did Victorian men enjoy?
2.What did the Bank Holiday act of 1871 accomplish?
3.What seaside towns did upper class families visit? 

1.Describe upper-class ladies’ fashion.
2.Describe upper-class men’s’ fashion.
3.Describe upper class children’s fashion. 

1.Who mainly left for India to make their fortunes?
2.What started the Mutiny of 1857-58?
3.What did the India Act of 1858 do? 

Class Relations
1.How were social classes distinguished?
2.What two political reforms was the middle class successful in achieving?
3.Why were the upper classes able to exploit the working class?

Beauty, Fashion, and Decorum
Qualities of a Gentleman
1.Name three interesting qualities of a gentleman. 

Qualities of a Lady
1.Name three interesting qualities of a lady. 

Victorian Hats
1.What types of materials was a lady’s hat usually made of?
2.What is a snood?
3.What types of hats did men wear?

Gloves and Glove Flirting
1.Describe proper glove etiquette.
2.What does the dropping of both gloves mean?

Beauty Secrets
1.What dangerous substance did women take to create a sparkle and glitter in the eye?
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1.When did the drinking of tea originate?
2.Who is credited for making afternoon tea a fashionable tradition?
3.When did the habit of taking afternoon tea become popular for the middle class?
4.Why were tea gowns different from other gowns?

Language of Leaves and Flowers
1.What is florigraphy, and how did Victorians use it?
2.What is the meaning of an Oxeye daisy?
3.What is the meaning of ivy?
4.What does the placement of a bouquet over the heart mean?

If you have time once you're finished, play this fun Historical Costume Game!